Friday, 13 January 2017

BOOKClub trip - Book Awards Ceremony

We have our first BOOKClub trip coming up after half term.  

Fearnhill are really excited to have been invited to a presentation, author talk and creative writing workshops, part of the North Herts Librarians Book Awards Ceremony, on 15th March.  

       Kim Slater wrote 'Smart' which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize and nominated for the 2015 Carnegie Medal, so we're looking forward to hearing from her and having the opportunity to pick her brains. 

       But, before we even get there, we've been presented with a list of books to read in advance:  

For Younger readers
  • 'Gorilla Dawn' by Gill Lewis
  • 'Dreaming the Bear' by Mimi Thebo
  • 'Jessica’s Ghost' by Andrew Norriss

For older readers
  • 'Girl on a plane'  by Miriam Moss
  • 'We Are All Made of Molecules' by Susin Nielsen
  • 'Denton Little’s Deathnote' by Lance Rubin

Our Key Stage 3 BOOKClubbers have finished
'Dreaming the Bear' already.
Watch this space for reviews.  


  1. Hi! Really excited for the trip. I have almost finished Girl on a Plane, and it is really good, like all the books we've read in BOOKClub. I can't wait to talk about all my new favourite books later in the month!!

    1. Excellent. It will be great to hear from a real author.