Friday, 10 February 2017

Jessica's Ghost

By far, the most popular book to date.  This hit the mark for lots of reasons.

"This was my favourite because it's not really about describing, it's more about an actual story.  Every time the teacher told me to stop reading, I didn't want to."

"It's quite slow-paced until the end, but it's nice because I know what's happening - with Dreaming The Bear I got quite confused."

"There's a really good swapping of gender roles.  The boy is into sewing and stuff and the girl is called a 'thuglet' by her mum."

"All the characters are outsiders at the start.  But they start to look out for each other and stand up for each other."

"By the end of the book, they've all got loads more self-confidence.  Like, the bullies' comments wouldn't bother them anymore.  They've grown up and seem much happier."

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