Friday, 20 April 2018

What the Dickens?

Year 8 have begun reading 'Great Expectations' in English this term - for the vast majority, it's their first encounter with Charles Dickens's writing. 

So what do our Year 8 BOOKClub members think about it? 

Well, one of them loves it so much, she's getting her own copy to read ahead - with VERY strict instructions to keep spoilers firmly to herself of course! 

The students are loving the characterisation of Pip, Mr Pumblechook, Mrs Joe and, of course, Miss Havisham:  "She must smell!" - Yes, indeed she must!  Yuck.  But why does she want Pip to befriend Estella?  Where's the story going? 

Sorry - you'll have to wait to find out in class. 

Miss Corbishley. 

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